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Our Story

Being a parent of twins is has been a roller coaster experience for me and my wife. As full time physician scientists that turned new parents in a rapidly changing world, we wanted to bank on books, online articles as well as traditional wisdom in child rearing. We quickly realized though that every child has a unique personality that they have (from day 1 perhaps?) and that there is no one size fits all. As they grow in a world that has less overall certainty and so many more questions, we struggle with questions that any "mindful" parent is asking today. How do we raise resilient children who have compassion at the center of their being? How do you engage with them to teach what you can from your experience while navigating the endless sea of resources out there? How do you stimulate their curiosity? In short, how do we help these remarkable individuals develop Mens sana in corpore sano (i.e. a healthy mind in a healthy body) the mindfulparent began as a way for me to share my lessons learnt as a new parent of multiples, resources that I have personally tried out and found useful and keep a record of the ups and downs of being a parent. I genuinely believe that my parenting adventures are relevant to other moms and dads. I am so grateful to have this platform to share my journey and I thank you for joining me on this magical ride.

the mindful parent blog
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